A major pain in the rear.

    Well today I went to my tax assessor's office here in Bexar County (San Antonio, Tx).

Usually when I go there I wait in a line like a cow at a trough waiting to get my turn at a salt lick.

It is usually very busy inside, but due to this COVID-19 crap, it was very slow. The entrance was blocked by an automated full body scan, it checked for a mask, and temp. The computer, I guess also checks for weapons. This was expected.

    When I got past the Spanish inquisition I spoke with a lady about what was needed, thankfully I had done plenty of prior research and had it all printed up and on hand, and at that time she gave me a number and asked me to take a seat.

    I sat in a chair for about 12 minutes then got called up (man that was fast). I spoke with a very nice lady about registering my "Utility Trailer", just like it is stated on the Certificate of Origin. She seemed extremely confused and questioned me as to why it was so expensive for just a Utility Trailer (this was non of her business by the way). I told her that it was modified for my needs while still in the factory. She then questioned me about the empty weight. Keep in mind that I had already filled this all out and then printed it for her so it would be very neat and professional. by this time I am starting to get a bit upset but I stayed very level headed as I am pretty easy going most of the time.

    The very nice and polite lady then made a phone call that was very long obviously about the registration to the person on the phone. This is something I have never seen them do before during a transaction. The clerk then went to the back office and spoke with a supervisor and kept pointing at the paperwork and looking at me occasionally. I felt as if they thought I was trying to register the space shuttle and flight plan like Elon Musk.

    So now she comes back and asks me to show her a picture (if I have one on my phone). Well I have many pictures on my phone so I show one to her. She then takes my phone to the back office and shows her supervisor. I can see this because the office has a huge glass window allowing the supervisor to see front of the lobby.
They both stare at the trailer, point at it then they call in other people, and then the supervisor gets on the phone. I don't know if she is calling for approval or to get me arrested. I then get approached by a woman who sees me just standing there at the counter (un-attended for over 5 minutes) and asks me if I have been helped.

I tell her (and point), "see that crowed over there, well I guess she is still working on my case and will probably be with me in a bit".

The nice lady then comes out of the office after about 8-10 minutes, gives me my phone back and asks me to send the picture via an email to her work address.
This to me is a first, but I figured well if it must be done.

So now that I have sent the picture, well everything is OK right? WRONG!
She has me fill out a new form, (remember I had everything already filled out and printed up for a "utility trailer") and then raises my frustration level 2 notches.
Well this new form states that it is a travel trailer and makes me state I am an American citizen and that the trailer is not second hand. Okay, I am getting closer, or so I think. She walks away again and speaks to the same supervisor and a few other people. After about 4-6 more minutes she comes back and had a black and white picture printed out of my trailer in her hand.
She then asks me to fill...oh wait she gets another a phone call...

Okay by this time I am wondering am I being punked?

Well when she gets off the phone call (and it was obviously about me). She then asks me to fill out yet a third form titled "re-manufactured". I then ask her if this will mean it was a second hand trailer and I explain it was not, I purchased it new. She states it will not mean that it was rebuilt or even used, it only means it was altered from it's original design. I tell her this is the way I bought it and it was NOT altered - just built to my specs. She stated even if that was the case this is the form I have to fill out. I check off two boxes, write in the mods I had done and sign it and added the date.
At this point I had been standing there at the counter over 50 minutes, where the average person stands there no more than 8 minutes.

I am getting frustrated to say the least, but I hold my composure as I don't want them to not kick me out because this is a government building.
Well about 15+ confusing looks from her to her monitor screen later, the nice lady walks away yet again and is gone about 4 minutes and returns with my license plate and registration sticker (here in Texas we have stickers for yearly updates on our plates).
The lady states that I should get my title in the mail in about 3 weeks and if I don't I can call a number she wrote down for me. Well she took my Certificate of Origin and bill of sale and told me she needed it to be sent off to Austin (our capital) and can't make copies of it for me. Well here I am with no proof of purchase nor Certificate of Origin.

I ask is this normal or is this just me dropping the soap in the prison shower?


  1. Well that’s a first. I haven’t heard of anyone having that problem. Glad it got resolved!

    1. Well it hasn't been resolved yet, in 3 weeks I will revisit this post and let you guys know.


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