It almost ran away...

  Well it almost ran away, my Grotto that is. 

  I wanted to film the Grotto walk through and talk a little about how it felt to tow it over 863 miles in my first trip, but that didn't happen.

  I had my wife standby to toss the chocks under the tires and I explained to her when and how to do it.

Well my driveway is at a 2-3 percent decline as you come out of the garage. I started to pull it out and successfully did all the way. I held it for about 1.5 seconds and asked my wife to chock the tires, well let's just say she didn't, so it got away from me and started to roll down the drive way. I kept trying to stop it but it is just to much momentum to stop when it is moving for just one man. This could have been very bad had my truck been at the bottom of the driveway. This would have been great for the blooper reels, (note to self, next time set up camera and start recording first).

  I did manage however to put the web address on.

  I also managed to install a on/off battery switch (seen here in the tongue box to the right of the deep cycle battery).

  Until next time remember get out there and have fun in this life because you are not a cat so you don't have 8 more waiting in reserve.


  1. That sounds like something you could learn from. It appears that the Grotto wanted to go on an adventure of its own.


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