The Day After.

  Well today as I woke up at home here in San Antonio I was greeted with a horrid headache, so when I got over the allergens that you don't have to endure in the Kansas and Nebraska, I went and added the "Grotto" vinyl lettering to my micro camper. It will from now on be known as the "Grotto".

  I was very tired from the 16 hour drive, but I found it was much lighter than I thought it would be and felt it would probably be easily pushed up the 2 % incline by myself if required. The Grotto gets an 'A' for being well balanced and the tongue weight is great as well.
I received several compliments on my drive back down to San Antonio, Texas. I also noticed in the door mirror several people looking and smiling at the Grotto as they passed by while on the highway.

  The staff at Outbound Trailer was also great and very informative. They showed me around the "finishing area" where they skin the trailers and do the final touches to them. I saw the models for a comparison up close, I gotta say that the T-REX is a monster Y'all. If you are looking for a micro camper that has that over-the-top rugged stance and can back it up with heavy duty Timbren axle-less suspension, a more heavy duty frame, huge 35" tires, 17' wheels and several other additions standard, it is a great choice. The color choice that Kellie helped me pick out is a great match for my truck and I think it may even help reflect the heat a little better.

  I have many plans and ideas I want to do to the Grotto so I will get started tomorrow on my second project, so I will update you soon but until then don't forget to visit my Youtube channel and subscribe as I will be adding video of my adventures there, see you out there fellow adventurers.


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