Adding a rear wall for TV.

   Well today I added a rear wall (faux) to my Grotto. It is a cubicle more like. It is a wall to support a Television, picture frames, lights or whatever else I can think of. It was very simple, it did take some time though.  It was very hot in the Grotto as it is in my garage and pretty much no cross ventilation could happen.

This plywood started out life as a means to a shelf for my brother-in-laws huge 75" TV. After we cut the shelf the remaining plywood was tossed in his garage to be used as fire wood or trashed at the earliest convenience. I was looking at the rear of the Grotto and saw a large empty shelf. I discussed this with my wife (as she will also benefit from the TV wall). So I figured why not and measure the remaining wood to see if it would fit, and I almost had no cutting to the initial wall to make it fit.

I cut in holes on each side (as seen in my video, HERE) for access to the rear of the TV or lights when installed. I also had in mind to cover them with picture frames or some other covering to hide them from view.

Thus the rear wall was born out of shear boredom/need to get my hands dirty.


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