DIY camp commode/throne!

     Today I wanted to build a camp shower/restroom area but the steel supplier was closed to the public due to COVID. So I decided to build a camp commode with a full size, standard house lid. It is heavier than most "portable" toilets but it is also much, much sturdier.

I built this thing to be super sturdy and withstand the weight of a big boy...
All kidding aside I built it to incorporate a full size lid and be easily cleaned.

I looked at the flushing ones and liked them a lot but, I don't like the idea of having to keep the black water around till I can properly dispose of it. Instead it is a one-use then remove the bag, then bury the compostable bag with the human fertilizer inside.

Did I mention that is uses a regular house commode lid? Talk about comfy!

Yes it took a little time and both my circular saw and jig saw, but it was worth the time. See my video here.


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