Giving the frame a drawer.

    So yesterday I decided I needed a drawer for our shoes or sandals.

 Think about it like this, if you were to hop into the Grotto with shoes on you would be stepping on your bed right? Well while out on the beach your shoes or sandals get full of sand.  

  Well I for one don't want this stuff on my bed. I figure if I put a little drawer just below the door I can slip them off and put them in a safe place until the next day. If I leave them on the ground then may disappear from dogs, raccoons of some other mischievous creature playing around. Heck if I am out at the beach the wind can even blow the sand to cover them up!

    So I saw this on a forum somewhere and decided to try it and I think it will work out great. 

      It didn't take to long to do. I just created a small cross frame with the (galvanized steel bars (pre-drilled holes). I made sure it was the exact width of the container I chose. and used the aluminum for the slides. 



I would say the hardest part was driving to the store to face all the mask wearers who would only wear their masks covering the mouth, heck I saw one guy who only wore his to cover his chin.


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