The Grotto and it's first adventure.

     Well it happened this last weekend, we finally got our Grotto out and about.

We were scheduled to go the weekend before but something came up.

    We left San Antonio in a light rain and it cleared up after we got out of town.

    The drive was easy mostly due to the Grotto being so light. When we arrived in Corpus on our way to Padre Island National Seashore and stopped to get some lunch. I pulled the grotto through the drive and up to the window. It was great and the turn was a bit sharp but it handled very well.

    So when we arrived at the beach I asked my wife to pick a spot away from the crowds. My wife picked a great spot away from people, it was about at the 6 mile mark. Usually from the time you hit the sand it is pretty well packed for the first 5 miles or so, but due to the recent storm it was very loose and was NOT a place for 2 wheel drive vehicles to play. But if people drive on the surf (where the water makes it more dense) a 4x2 can get traction.

    I was shooting some video when she came and told me she volun-told me to pull out a stuck truck. Well I didn't take pics as I was driving and getting dirty, and my wife didn't get pics but it turns out the young man (like many others before) thought that the huge sign put up by the Army Corp Of Engineers was just something to ignore. Well this 4x2 Ford F-150 got stuck near the surf and near our camp and I pulled it out very easily, but he got stuck again in less than 5 seconds.



    So we decided to pull him to the surf far enough for him to drive on, and I left him with instructions on how not to get stuck again on his way out. 

    I must say the Outbound Extreme (a.k.a. the Grotto) was awesome, the A/C was great, thanks to my 3800 watt WEN generator. The Grotto tows very easily even in the sand! If you are thinking about getting one I would most definitely suggest you opt for the A/C, we were very comfortable, except for the fact that we forgot our pillows and I didn't level it after we settled and made base camp ☺.

    I got up and around about 5:30 islander time, and took my fur baby for a walk. The sunrise was magnificent.

    I sat under the awning I had set up the day before and enjoyed a cool glass of Gatorade. The pictures can't do the scene justice, but you get the idea.

We did hear about and even see several small jelly fish, but I must say
the waters were warm still, and the wind felt great. So if you have the inclination and $10, head on down there and get those toes in the sand! I made a YouTube video!



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