Wiring up a pump for my camp shower.

    I set up a pump for my camp shower. I ran it to a switch but through a relay. I love to re-purposing things I have laying around. I took some scrap wood, some used and saved wires, and I even used an old switch I had purchased a while back for another project I abandoned.

I built this pump (really basic relay system) for a camp propane shower I intend to use with my The Grotto next weekend.

I buy new things from time to time, but DIY and re-purposing is the bees knees!




  It will be used in conjunction with my Gasland propane instant hot water heater.



   My hopes are that I can get all the sewing done to my shower/changing room before the next weekend. As it is is can be used now but I want to tweak a few things.

  Yeah this is in my tiny garage, and the dust is all over the Grotto, ( <--- video link) but before it's first outing I will wash it.


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